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Welcome to the Program in Child Affective and Anxiety Disorders (PCAAD)


We are located in the Duke Child and Family Study Center in Durham, NC. (Map and directions to the center, located at 2608 Erwin Drive, Durham, NC 27705). PCAAD's mission is twofold:

1) To provide the highest level of expert clinical care to children and adolescents suffering from a variety of anxiety and affective (mood) disorders, ranging from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to tic disorders to a range of social phobias and anxiety disorders .

2) To work as researchers with other sites around the country to expand what is known about the causes, diagnoses, and treatments for these disorders.

To learn about our current clinical trials, click on "Studies" above. To understand more behind our research goals, and what makes research unique and important, click on the "About Research" tab. To meet the staff and learn more about our program, click "About Us." For a list of links and other useful information, click on "Other Resources." Click on the pea pod at any time to return to this page. Or call us at any time, (919) 681-1100.

NEW: We are dedicated to improving and teaching the field of Evidence-Based Medicine. PCAAD's director, Dr. John March, and several other of our staff lead and participate in a weekly seminar to promote EBM's development and use. A recent issue of The Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America published Using and Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine: The Duke University Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Model, by Dr. March, et al. You may view the publication as a .pdf (the file will open in a new window).

Medguides for Parents: The Food and Drug Administration is always reviewing and releasing the most up to date information available about psychotropic drugs. This January The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry released a new Medguide for Parents based on these and other findings. You may view this guide as a .pdf (the file will open in a new window).

Note to mental health professionals: Most of this site was created for parents and families, as well as teachers and guidance counselors interested in referring youngsters to our program. But we also have extensive information for clinicians who want to make referrals or simply learn more. Please click here for our clinician's section.




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